Militant Design was established in 2000 as one man's vision to provide the highest possible quality web page solutions to organizations with small marketing and advertising budgets. It was also a way for this man to avoid a crappy part time job.

    By using industry standard tools like dreamweaver, photoshop and flash, Militant Design provides turnkey solutions to your web needs.

    If you have an idea about what you want on your web page, perfect. If you're not sure about how this internet thing works, that's fine too. From design concepts to video/photo shoots to site updates and hosting solutions, we make it easy for you.

    The low cost thing isn't a joke either. If you are interested in having Militant Design solve your web problem, click on the contact link and get more information. Pricing isn't posted, but will surprise you.

Capablities include...

      • Site design and Maintenance
      • Logo/identity creation
      • Print design services (look books/ads/identity)
      • Interactive galleries/elements
      • Mobile/tablet optimized sites
      • PHP-Based forms / e-mail integration
      • Animation and Video services
      • Search engine registration and optimization
      • Domain services and site/e-mail hosting
      • Social media integration and strategy development
      • e-mail marketing campaigns

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